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Once, you were a crawling baby. You crawled here, and you crawled there until…boop, your head hit the wall. A magical thing happened there. Your body and mind collaborated and created a guardian post where your head got hurt. Mission - Don't let this smooth white thing hit you again. Strategy - Watch where you crawl. Position - Head. And there he stood guard, watching.

Then you grew up, and you spoke up to yourself in class. Your teacher had a whole class distracting her. Finally, she snapped at you, shutting you up. New guard. Mission - Don't speak up. Strategy - Keep it inside. Position - Shoulders.

"Oh…" years later, you find out, "my shoulders are so tense, what's up with that?" It might come up as, "Omg, I can't believe I didn't speak up to myself again. What's wrong with me?!" Or, "I'm so weak, Jesus. Again I let them do what they want with me."

We tend to curse our guards, kicking them out of the kingdom only to see how faithfully they return to their post, guarding us again. This guard is holding a position that is no longer beneficial. Not only is its position irrelevant by now, but it's harming you.

So first, thank your guards. Honor them, even give them a medal. They kept you safe. Then, you can reassign. Mission - Speak up. When the time is right. Strategy - Feel your shoulders are tensing. It means you need to speak up, watch for the right moment, and go in for the kill. Position - Shoulders.

Harmony is back to the kingdom. Honor & Reassign.

*In the picture - Enjoying themselves with the necessary guards having their backs.

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