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The Change of Education

As a kid, I didn’t feel like a part of society.

I was, quite literally, all over the place.

As I am now.

But there is a difference between then and now.

Now I actively found a way for society to accept my being all over the place. Then, nobody cared enough to listen. Nobody cared enough to see.

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg says that empathy is the best gift we can give other people, our time spent solely to see another.

I didn't have that.

Between the hammer of school & education and the anvil of my family trying to figure me out, I was hammered over and over again, not realizing they were killing my personality one smite at a time.

ADHD me was marvelous. Never exhausting energy, dedicated only to the things I care about.

I was creative and made up games with my friends, us being in another world than ours.

I was on the computer all day long, hyperfocused. It was my primary source of education back in the day.

Not school.

English, social interactions, a thousand kinds of research I've done. I learned how to study myself.

After nine years of taking Ritalin, making me act like a social robot, and reminding me every morning that I don't belong, I finally found my way.

I trained myself not to focus only on one thing but on all of them, gathering all the information. So I took in the teacher, the pen clicking, the fly buzzing in the corner, and the rocking noise of the students' chairs.

This is how ADHD minds are working.

And it's exactly what we need now, in a time of unending knowledge coming at us from every direction.

I'm afraid it was too late, though.

I lost my hyperactivity.

And, frankly, I miss it.

There was no better feeling in the world; it was me celebrating life.

Sir Ken Robinson said our schools kill creativity. Every kid has an extraordinary talent, but many of those aren't accepted in society, so they fail to pursue them.

There will be a time we will let our kids pursue their talents and express who they are without being judged.

It's coming, and people worldwide are working on every subject for it to happen.

We can't allow talents to go to waste anymore.

Not now when our unsustainable structures break apart.

You can do it in your way.

Tell the world, change the world.

For more about a change for education, check out the late Sir Ken Robinson;

*In the picture—letting my mind wander

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