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I also write stories to meet your needs.

Here are some of my favorite projects as a Gaming Copywriter: 

Words Magic 


In a game like Scrabble, create an event where the Player will submit words and get better tiles. 



Magic. The player puts the Tiles into the hat and pulls out better ones.

I made spells for the player & an engaging Facebook post where they choose their preferable spell.

Words Charades


Create an event in which the player will attach to the new collectibles in the game.



Charades. The player had to guess the words using the Scrabble-like minigame. 

So many players played that the Monetization Team had to shut down the event before too many prizes were distributed.

Splendorland Resource Rush


Create a 4-day event where the players will gather resources and compete in teams.


Splendorland Resource Rush. The players used different minigames to acquire resources and win with their team the grand prize. 

I made surprising pop-ups that were triggered by the player while playing.

As the VIP Facebook post, I created a lovely mini-story about the Island of Splendorland.

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