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Where Words Will Walk

The Dance of Life and Death

A Philosophical Fantasy Novel
Getting Written

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Quotes from DOLD

Have you ever had a moment of absolute clarity?

In the Morning Contribution, I sat there amongst my fellow villagers, and reality came crashing on me.

Looking one by one at my peers, I saw how each of them is playing.

Like characters in a play.

They don't realize it, but they are.

They each believe they are the most important thing in the world.

Each of them goes far and beyond with their beliefs like it matters anything.

And what crashed on me, at that exact moment, was that it doesn't really matter.

But something is keeping us from seeing it. Even if I could tell, even if I really saw the light, for one mere second, most of the other Zarins would not get me.

They would think I'm mad.

Lerkan's Diary, 14 years BL

Chapter 2

My Story

In a world of uncertainty I found my purpose.

Or at least for now.

Join me on my journey, you are more than welcome.

I write about taboos, philosophy, life, death, and what's in between.

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