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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

"Jeah had always been there, reduced from the emotional beatings she had experienced all of her life. She slept in Andrea’s soul like coals that had stopped blazing hours ago, warm and kept alive with the occasional passing wind of liberty. She was a warrior without a sword; a dragon too bruised to lift itself from the ground, much less fly."

Read the rest on Sunday publish of The Separation! ☀️

*In the picture - foreshadowing 😉

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In every event in my life, I’ve always thought, ‘how will I tell it afterward?’

It wasn’t even conscious; I’ve just always loved telling people about my life and the cool stuff that I’m doing. And, to be honest, it was always part of the reason I did those cool things. 🙆 These thoughts made me approach girls, go on crazy adventures, but most importantly, they made me a storyteller 🏞️ The Art of Storytelling is probably the most widespread of arts; We live our lives through stories 🤩 Yuval Noah Harari explains in his book ‘Sapiens’ how stories (and particularly gossip) enabled us to build bonds with our group and allo

wed us to expand it. Stories are why humans rule the world, they make us understand life better, and we learn better through them. 🧙‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧝‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ As an art, though, Storytelling has been banished from the big schools of arts. Robert McKee explains how the current generation of writers had been undereducated in the prime principles of Story. In Hollywood, many Screenwriters don’t know how to tell a good story anymore. Many Playwrights and Novelists share the sam

e problem. The decline of Story ⏬ “European academics generally deny that writing can, in any sense, be taught, and as a result, courses in Creative Writing have never been included in the curriculum of Continental universities. Europe does, of course, foster many of the world’s most brilliant art and music academies. Why it’s felt that one art is teachable, another not, is impossible to say.” Taken from ‘Story: Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting.’ Me? I love studying. I study every day 🧐👨‍💻 School wasn’t for me, neither is university. I think tests had made us so concerned about numbers that we forgot to learn the big picture 🤷‍♂️ This is my only way of learning. Theory, Principles, and hands-on practice. Now, studying Storytelling is leaving me in awe. There is so much to learn. I can’t wait to know more and see how it improves my writing 📖✍️ 🎺🎺🎺 Now, as promised, ‘The Separation’ announcement! 🎺🎺🎺 Find it in my blog next Sunday! ☀️ It’s my first short Story, and I’m soo excited to share it with you! 😍 Don't worry, I'll remind my followers beforehand and at the time of publish 🙂 -Link for my blog is in my bio-

*In the picture - my latest adventure to Canon de Mordor, can you spot my tent?

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I've always lived mostly inside my head.

As a child, it was usual for me to daydream, staring blankly at nothing at all, letting my thoughts run all over. I would stumble, I would fall, taking no notice of my surroundings.

People around me didn't accept it quite well.

If it was someone who once told me, "How is it your brother is a pilot, and you came out like…this?" or my math teacher at 9th grade who told the class she has a song that reminded her of me and sang in front of all of them "Oh it's not normal, I have an idiot friend. One a bit confused, one who stumbles into walls,"

I smiled to hide my shame. 😔

I was always kind of naïve, believing people are good and mean me well, only to have the sharp pain of words stub me in my back over and over again. Words stuck in my mouth as I wanted to answer.

Things have changed since then; I found my place, and day by day, I discovered how to love myself 😍

I was inspired by George R. R. Martin's words when he wrote about identity; "Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you."

With that, I think traumas are a door to a better you. That is

if you're willing to look beyond what happened and grow from it. Those traumas I mentioned, amongst others, made me who I am today, and I'm happy they happened.

Today, I'm proud of my daydreaming; it's where my imagination comes from.

The world in my head is beautiful, and I wish you could see it.

Well, in a way, I'm showing you right now, but it's nothing like what you'll see in my book, The Dance of Life and Death 💃

Please share in the comments words and quotes that made you grow; to show people it's possible ❤️

P.S. I'm about to reveal my first short story. Brand new. Stay tuned 😉

*In the picture - daydreaming

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