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"Free is all alone? Ha." 🤣 Nature laughed at me as I was broken down on the hard rock earth. I was panting. Exhausted. Afraid. Nature was everywhere. 🌿🌱🍀 Free? No. It's the opposite of Freedom. Nature crashed on me for hours and I understood that I'd never win. I could do anything I wanted. But what good would it do if I a snake could jump on me with every step? As Jordan Peterson said, humans live in an amalgam [combination] of Nature and Society. You can see it as back as the story of the Garden of Eden. It was a garden with a wall around it. The safe Nature. And even there, in a place of Ideal, there was a snake 🐍 "But I am free. Nobody can stop me from doing anything!" I replied to her. "Look at yourself," she told me, "You prevent yourself from doing. And besides, how FREEDOM is DOING?" It was too difficult to comprehend. All of my life, I strived for Freedom. "I'm a free person 🙄" I used to say to Society, "I can't be held down. I need to do what I want." But I was a fool to want that because it's a non-existent state ❌ As I understand it, Freedom is the ability to choose in any given circumstance, also known as Negative Liberty. It's the absence of restrictions by Society. This could be achieved on a lonely island 🏝️ You have your choice. Does your choice mean anything on a lonely island? That's up to you. Liberty [Positive], though, is the Freedom in security. It's to have all your tools to DO whatever you'd like, but it doesn't mean you're not restricted. Because laws, rules, and Society give you this security. And the frustrating thing is, both can't be achieved 🙅‍♀️ The more you lean toward Liberty, the less you have Freedom, and the opposite is just as valid. Finding the right balance for you is one of life's missions, in my opinion. It constantly changes, and what fun is the fact that we can adjust according to it? 💪 More Nature or Society? More Freedom or Liberty? "Right now, I'd just like to get away from you," I said to her with determination, still exhausted 😮‍💨

"Good like with that," she laughed sarcastically. With my heavy bag on my shoulders, I walked further toward Society 👣

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