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Shower Thoughts

Water was pouring on my face as I was pondering the events of the day. Water poured outside as well. One was called a shower, the other rain, how bizarre.

Just two hours before, I was in the ocean helping a guy I just met fight the riptide to get back to shore.

Two thoughts clashed in my head like two waves joining one another, creating a massive new one. BOOM. A new inspiration for my book got flesh and bones in my mind.

I like how my brain process new ideas. My thoughts surprise me at times with the adventures they make. At that moment, my new inspiration wasn't short of orgasmic for me.

"Oh shit," I thought to myself, " I don't have my phone here, rain is pouring, and I didn't even finish my shower yet. Just hang on there, little thought."

When I arrived at my room and wrote it down, I sighed. A stone left my heart. The inspiration was born.

*In the picture - a sea of thoughts

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