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Self Brainstorming #1

So basically, I can do the same as it happened in the real world.


I can do it better.

HAHA that’s what’s fun about writing a book isn’t it?!


Shit I’m thinking in Spanish now.

I want D to be a shaman. I can make him tell his story about his life in Karnis!

It works.

Now the other person, why did I write her?

Because Beatriz wouldn’t start a conversation and D wouldn’t as well.

They need the glue. She’s the glue.

OHHH shit I totally forgot to make a character bio for them! It’s very important that every character would have those. Damn that’s pretty shitty that I’ve been neglecting it.

Get it together Tal.


It will be a great gift for future Tal.

Yes we should make all the characters so fucking good that future Tal wouldn’t need to think so much.

*In the picture—keeping my sub-personalities at bay.

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