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The Party Convo

"Omfg," she told me after attentiveness of 10 minutes, listening to every word I said with unreal intensity, "Listen, I'm a script editor and you have something different than anything I've ever encountered. This is actually new. If you want, I have some connections. You can sell your idea, and we'll create a movie out of it."

Reality crashed on me.

We were both VERY drunk at the party.

I was excited about my story, of course, I want to tell all the world about my book, and I can speak about it for hours.

It's something real for me. It's my baby.

I never thought I actually need to hold things back. People can steal.

It was a strange feeling, mostly because I think people are good at their core.

Nevertheless, I cursed myself for the rest of the night.

She was nice, and she really got me, I told her my fears and she promised me not to do anything with it.

How strong can a promise be?

*In the picture - Good from the core

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